Strategic Plan

IACEE's new Council, voted in during the 2016 IACEE World Conference, is currently working on a new strategic plan to set the IACEE's direction for the future. The new strategic plan will be published as soon as it becomes available.  

[Download a PDF version of the IACEE's revised 2013-2014 Strategic Plan here.]

IACEE is an international professional development organization and gateway for the Continuing Engineering Education Community providing access to worldwide leaders, pioneering ideas, and best practices.  It attracts a diverse membership of individuals and organizations that are drawn from many regions of the globe.  IACEE is the advocate for the importance of engineering professional development in a global context and is recognized globally for:  
The IACEE is an international organization designed to expand the effectiveness and global perspectives of continuing engineering education through its members and association with individuals and organizations from around the world.  It sponsors professional development activities, facilitates networking opportunities, promotes collaborative projects, and is a global advocate for continuing engineering education through a series of programs and services that foster active member engagement.
Goal #1:  Products
Provide a range of world-class products to IACEE members that support them in their work and influence engineering professional development worldwide
Goal #2:  Member Services:  Engagement and Communication
Provide compelling services that support the networking, professional development, and collaboration activities of the organization through active engagement of the IACEE community and a robust online presence
Goal #3:  Advancement of Continuing Engineering Education
Support the advancement of our members through recognition, access to information, and career and business opportunities; and actively promote the advancement of our profession through visibility based on leadership in research and educational strategies
Goal #4:   Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence
Pursue excellence in our operations, products and services through a sustainable organizational design aligned with our Mission and Vision, and robust quality assessment practices. 

IACEE seeks member involvement in all aspects of planning and implementation. If you have any comments on the plan, or would like to volunteer to help us achieve the goals, please contact us at Become part of the IACEE community and contribute to the improvement of continuing engineering education!