SIG Communities

IACEE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIGs) are chartered by IACEE's Council to give members with similar professional specialties and interests the opportunity to exchange ideas and keep themselves informed about current and discrete developments in their fields. The primary goal of the IACEE SIGs is to create professional development opportunities for the membership through networking activities, collaborative projects, speakers, virtual roundtables, and so on.
The activities of the SIGs, planned by their members and Chairs, provide a clear indication of the diverse interests and needs of IACEE members. Through participation in SIGs, members can help design what, in essence, are small professional organizations within the broader international community. Only IACEE individual members can belong to SIGs, though each IACEE member can belong to as many SIGs as desired.
Here are the three current SIG choices. Please click any of the following links to the SIGs to learn more and join the SIG, get involved in international projects, take part in professional activities, network, and more. Each SIG has a closed LinkedIn group. To join the group, please send an e-mail to your SIG leader(s) mentioned on its web page.