IACEE Pulse, November 2021

IACEE Pulse: A Newsfeed for Members, November 2021



My dear IACEE members:
How are you all? We hope you are staying safe and healthy, and maybe getting ready for the winter/summer holiday break.
We are publishing Pulse after a long time and I am pleased to announce that we have a new vice president of communication and member engagement, Dr. Patricia Caratozzolo of Tec de Monterrey from the newly elected 2021-2024 Council. Together with our operations and communications manager, Camille Howard, Patricia will be engaging with you through Pulse and other channels. Besides Patricia, there are many newcomers to the Council (elected in May 2021), and you can find the roster on our website.
The next World Conference will be in Buffalo, NY, USA, on June 6-10, 2022, hosted by the University of Buffalo. Please find the announcements in this Pulse. We look forward to seeing you there. We hope you will consider submitting your presentation, panel and/or paper abstracts online at https://www.iacee2022.org/abstracts/. The registration will open soon.
The new Council met twice in the summer of 2021 and we envision to become the leading continuing engineering education professional organization that helps individuals and institutions grow to contribute to a sustainable and equitable world and society through continuing engineering education endeavors. Our work does, and will continue to, contribute to accomplishing the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2030. Our organization’s prosperity will  depend on three following P’s:The vice presidents leading the above three efforts are Dr. Yakut Gazi (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA); Dr. Patricia Caratozzolo (Tec de Monterrey, Mexico); and Ragna Ann Berge (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway). If we do the above three P’s right, our organization will prosper and thrive. We are working on new webinars, organizational process systematization and member involvement in our efforts. I invite you to join in our efforts, so please drop me a line at soma.chakrabarti@iacee.org.
 Wishing you all the best in the days ahead,

 Soma Chakrabarti, Ph.D.
 President IACEE





The 18th IACEE World Conference on CEE will take place 6-10 June 2022 in Buffalo, New York, hosted by the University at Buffalo. Keep in touch with conference developments through News items on our website, the conference website, and through direct mailings to IACEE members. For more information, contact Lisa Stephens, General Chair of IACEE2022.


The IACEE World Conference invites abstracts for papers to be presented at the 2022 World Conference. Relevant submissions are welcome from educators, researchers, scholars, and representatives from industry, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Authors are encouraged to submit work that could be useful to the broader continuing engineering education faculty and practitioners, including strategies for implementation.

The conference theme, Global Imperatives for Continuing Engineering Education, is woven into three conference tracks:
Track 1: The imperative for Sustainability in Continuing Engineering Education
Includes topics related to developments and advancements related to continuing
engineering education and sustainability.
Track 2: The imperative for Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Continuing Engineering Education
Includes research, ideas, and innovations related to developing capable, innovative, and sustainably minded technical leaders.
Track 3: The imperative for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) & Social Justice in Continuing Engineering Education
Includes creating a sustainable engineering ecosystem that is diverse, equitable, and
inclusive – ultimately leading to increased career retention, satisfaction, and societal

If you would like to submit an abstract, please review the details on session tracks and format descriptions on the conference website. We look forward to your participation in this exciting opportunity!


Join Anita Chawla, MBA and Dr. Quentin McAndrew on 9 Dec 2021 at 9:00 EST for a webinar on Business Model Considerations for Continuing Education Programs. These two edtech practioners will present case studies of options for long term program viability amidst the changing landscape. 

Register today! 


IACEE gratefully acknowledges the sponsors whose support helps make this next year's world conference possible. Their belief in lifelong learning and engineering education allows both industry and universities to continue to flourish in their pursuit of excellence.

Interested in sponsoring IACEE's 18th World Conference? Visit our webpage to learn more about available sponsorship opportunities. 


Newsfeed contact: Camille Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA