Digital Learning in CEE

It's time to renew, reinvent and re-engineer digital learning. Online education is going through an extraordinary metamorphosis globally. It is asking questions of all forms traditional education and demanding attention and change.  Its application to and disruption of our world of professional education will continue to grow in significance and intensity. This brings tremendous opportunity and challenge.
The aim of the IACEE Digital Learning Special Interest Group is to engage professionals and practitioners in digital/online learning to explore these opportunities and challenges as a connected community. We invite you to learn from each other’s experiences and to be leaders in helping to shape the future of professional education globally.
Our role is to not only stimulate rich discussion and lively debate amongst the entire group, but to encourage collaboration, thought leadership and ACTION in how we can serve a world full of challenges.  Here are some activities to get us started: 

  • Actively participate in our special LinkedIn group to use as a forum for sharing and debating ideas and building an active action focused community
  • Identify opportunities for BHA (Big Hairy Audacious) projects-for example let’s reimagine training a global workforce, as an association let’s target and work with emerging regions and countries such as Brazil, Africa, India and China through collaborations in order to impact the world
  • Help us to initiate and schedule live online/webinars and mini conferences to discuss, create and implement our BHA projects—send us your ideas, volunteer to lead a webinar, suggest industry speakers for a virtual panel 
  • Together let’s start planning a pre-conference workshop for Porto in 2016—with your ideas and feedback anything is possible

Our invitation and challenge
As learning professionals we live in a wonderful time of exploration. We see great benefit in doing this together.  
Together with the IACEE board, we invite you to be part of this exploration in partnership. We challenge you to take action and get involved by first simply joining the LinkedIn subgroup for the SIG.
Let’s have fun and lead the charge. 

Email us to join the group! 

Yakut Gazi, Chair, Digital Learning in CEE
Marc Goossens, Executive Chair, SIGs