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About the program: Through a series to face-to-face and online workshops, new and seasoned continuing engineering education managers are trained in global program development, management and marketing strategies. For individual members, this is a perfect opportunity for professional development. 

Who should attend:  New and experienced CEE Managers from Universities, Government, Industry, and consultants who are interested in gaining competency skills and receiving some credentialing by a professional organization to authenticate the learning experience.

Topics covered: Programs addressing the following topics are designed and presented for an international market. Recognized experts from various countries lead the workshops that are presented at the biennial IACEE World Conference or at Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration. 

Earning a badge and a certificate: A "badge" is a unit of measurement to recognize learning that individuals have acquired through a training program. Badges generally are offered as a set or "system of badges." In order to earn a Badge, you will be asked to complete a follow-up assignment in which you will apply the tools introduced and discussed in the workshop to your own organization.  The report will then be evaluated and approved by the IACEE Council. To earn a certificate, you need four badges.

The first opportunity to earn an IACEE training Badge was at the 2014 IACEE World Conference in June, 2014 at Stanford University.  “E-Marketing through Social Media and Online Tools” was offered as a 4-hour pre-conference workshop on June 24.  The second opportunity was at the 40th Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, held in Palm Spring, CA, USA on Feb 3, 2015, when a workshop titled "Managing your Brand" was presented prior to the main conference.

Training schedule: Please contact Patricia Hall at patricia-hall@utulsa.edu for the next opportunity to attend an online or face-to-face workshop.

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IACEE member Kevin Curry earns his first CEE Badge!
Through his successful completion of an assignment following a CEE Manager Training workshop on “E-Marketing through Social Media and Online Tools”, Kevin met the requirements and qualified for a Badge towards the CEE Manager’s Certificate. It takes only 4 badges for Certification from IACEE. 
Mr. Curry’s project was thorough using specific examples to demonstrate his competency and newly acquired skillsets in E-marketing using webinars as a marketing tool for his Continuing Engineering Education seminars at the University of Kansas.