World Conference 2018

16th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education

Monterrey, Mexico
22-25 May 2018

Conference Papers and Abstracts

Below is a list of published papers and abstracts from the IACEE 16th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education held at Tecnologico de Monterrey in May 2018. Please click on the links to view the paper or abstract in PDF. 

ISBN: 978-1-7327114-0-2

Publication date: 22 May 2018
First edition, 2018 

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  1. Practical Research on the Lifelong Learning Model of the Largest Scientific Research Institution in China: Kun Jin, Yixia Zhao, Yun Xiao
  2. Innovation in Training Mode: the "Competence-Based" Three-stage Training Cycle: Xiang Sheng
  3. Identifying Tools and Competences for CPD managers. A Model Proposal Based on the Business Excellence Management Models and Tools: Patricio Montesinos
  4. Professor Avatar: Telepresence Model: Eduardo González Mendívil, Luis Eduardo Luévano Belmonte, Eduardo López de Lara Díaz, Héctor Nahún Quintero Milián
  5. Ethical Value of Transparency on Professional Formation: Paulo Gonzalez, Marcelo Correa, Mariana Lazzaro-Salazar, Marco Toranzo and Barbara Alcaino
  6. Engineering Students’ Expectations About Important Skills and Competences for Future Jobs Versus Skills and Competences Expected by Companies and Organizations. What is the Immediate Need for Continuing Education After Graduation (An European View)?: Bente Nørgaard, Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa, Ellen Sjoer, Aniko Kalman, Marc Goossens, Alfredo Soeiro and Mervyn Jones
  7. Management System for Continuing Engineering Education in IT based on the MOOC-platforms: First Implementation and Results: Dmitry Grinshpun, Vladimir Korolev and Roman Nuretdinov
  8. Quality Enhancement of Learning Outcomes in Long Programmes of Continuing Engineering Education: Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa
  9. Satisfy Requirement of Professional and Technical Personnel in Continuing Education by Providing Accurate Service: Jie Dang, Ping Guo, Ran Wen
  10. Blockchained Education: Challenging the Long-Standing Model of Academic Institutions: Azael Capetillo
  11. Collaboration Strategy to Strengthen Engineering Learning Experiences: The Tecnologico de Monterrey Experience: David Güemes Castorena
  12. Applying External Coaching: A Model to Promote Collaboration and Continuous Improvement: Agustin Perez
  13. To Fully Use the Highly Educational Resources From Universities in Jilin Province and Build the Learning Platform for Professionals: Wei Lichun
  14. A Model to Identify an Appropriate Tool to Solve a Problem or Opportunity: Alberto A. Hernández-Luna, Armando Guerrero-Serrano, Juan Carlos Fernández-Caballero
  15. Forming Entrepreneur in Engineering: The Case of Tecnologico de Monterrey: Cassiane Chais, Pelayo Munhoz Olea, David Güemes Castorena
  16. On Collaborative Training on General Practitioners in the Region of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province from the Views in China and Abroad on Regional Cooperation of Education: Zhang Lu, Han Baojun, Liu Xiaojing, Da Yurong
  17. An Adaptive Continuing Education and Consulting Program for Organizations: J. Alejandro Gollaz, Roberto Rosas, Elvira Toba
  18. Design and Application of Learner-Centered Learning Transfer: Xiaomeng Jia
  19. Research on Curriculum System Evaluation for Continuing Education Based on the Theory of Lifelong Education: Zhao Yanan and Ye Mengshu
  20. Maule: A Business Process Modeling Methodology: Marco Toranzo
  21. Part-time Engineering Master Programs Utilize Job Assignments or Professional Challenges as Means of Learning: Bente Nørgaard and Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa
  22. Research on the Continuing Education Model of Employees in the Automobile Industry: Daofu Ming, Jianjun Zhang, Jia Luo and Keyong Wang
  23. Identifying Problems and Opportunities in Connect Days Applying Strategic Planning Tools: Alberto Abelardo Hernández-Luna, María de los Angeles Aguilar-Medina, Juan Carlos
  24. Structural-Functional Evolution in Continuing Educations Models in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Weather Forecasters Training in China: Ye Meng-shu, Gao Xue-hao, Luo lin-ming, Zhao Ya-nan, Huang Zhe 
  25. Accelerating a New On-line Course Development Through a Concurrent Approach: Adán López Miranda
  26. A Study on Continuing Education Evaluation Theory of Taxonomy of Educational Objectives-Taking Continuing Education Evaluation of Meteorological Department as an Example: Deng Yi, Gao XueHao, Zhao Yanan, Qu Fang
  27. Critical Thinking: A Cross-cultural Skill for Lifelong Education: Patricia Caratozzolo Martelliti, Álvaro Álvarez Delgado


  1. Innovative Practices of Optimum Allocation of Continuing Education Resources for Narrowing Regional Gap: Zhuoni Wang
  2. A Study on the Reform of Teacher Training Model Based on the Internet in China: Huaying Bao, Wenfeng Huao, YuanXia Liu
  3. Strategies to Promote the Continuing Education Precision Level of Professionals under the Background of Supply-side Structural Reform: LIU Jian, HE De-bo, LIU Hui-hui
  4. A Model to Develop Relevant Digital Talent Transformation: Alberto Hernández-Luna, Luciana Pascual
  5. Demographic Characteristics of Students Who Do or Do Not Post in an Undergraduate Engineering Online Discussion Forum: Yuqin Duan
  6. Research on the Collaborative Running Mechanism of Multiple Providers in Continuing Engineering Education: Tian Huijun and Wang Sunyu
  7. An Experience-Based model to Implement ROI analysis for Continuing Education Programs: Alejandro Gollaz, Roberto Rosas and Eleazar Puente
  8. If you get all tangled up, just tango on - Engaging Managers of SINOPEC Group in Workplace English Training Programs: Zhipeng Gong
  9. For the Justice of Development: Concepts, Strategies and Practices of Meteorological Continuing Education in China: Xue-Hao Gao, Zhe Huang, Guo-Dong Jing and Pan Li
  10. The Porto Declaration & Education for Sustainability: Errol La Grange and Anthony Smith
  11. Consultancy as Catalyst of Continuous Improvement: Carlos Chee Gonzalez
  12. Training and Developing Program Practice Based on the Brand Development Strategy of Easy Joy Convenience Store in Sinopec: Tieyan Xiao and Wu Lin
  13. The Prospective of Future Meteorological Continuing Education Model and Recent 200 Years of Atmospheric Science Curriculum Changes: Zhenghong Chen
  14. Staying Ahead of Moore's Law: Continuing Education in the 21st Century: Amrit Ahluwalia
  15. Engaging & Effective Learning Through Online Training Delivered by a Professional Association: Chris Champion and Anthony Morris
  16. Recognition of Professional Experience & the Continuing Education of Engineers: Jon Kerr and Ron Watts

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