University-Industry Collaborations

The IACEE University-Industry Collaborations in Continuing Engineering Education SIG focus on the unique aspects of collaboration between industry and academia for professional engineering training. Corporations often adopt learning models based on their needs for professional development, which are closely tied to their current or future strategic initiatives. Also, to maintain competitive advantage, organizations must remain flexible and nimble in their training strategy that would quickly change their learning models based on immediate business needs. Partnering academic institutions should also carefully analyze and understand the strategic initiatives of these organizations before and during the training, and thus contribute to the partners’ growth and prosperity, The group members discuss the strategies they have used in understanding an organization’s strategic initiatives that strengthens its competitive advantage, developing tailored curriculum based on the organizational learning needs and an organization's existing and future projects, and modifying the training portfolio and technology-enhanced delivery methods as corporate learning strategies changed with globalization. Please contact one of the leaders of this group to join the group, or visit our LinkedIn page to participate. Also find below the activities of this SIG group at the last World Conference.

Pat Hall, University of Tulsa, USA
Aihua Feng, Baosteel Group, China