Think Tank

Why IACEE Think Tanks

Humanity is grappling with significant challenges. Education is itself one of those challenges. Education also has the power to transform and be the catalyst for change and critical problem solving.  As a collective of extraordinary institutions, organizations, and most importantly, people, IACEE has significant ability and reach to engage the engineering world in action based, collaborative discovery, learning and problem solving. The goal of creating IACEE Think Tanks is to tap into the rich and diverse experience of CEE professionals worldwide and provide a mechanism to utilize their expertise in developing creative solutions to a range of global challenges. The Think Tank is a proposed new vehicle to bring about this collaboration. 

Workshop at the World Conference

IACEE Think Tanks:  A New Model to Join CEE Professionals in Creative Solutions to Global Crises

17 May 2016
15:00-19:00 Hours
University of Porto, Portugal

Come and join us for this engaging / hands-on workshop that will explore:
  • How the Think Tank structure works
  • How IACEE members can use this structure to propose and develop their own Think Tank projects
  • An opportunity to learn by doing as a participant of the first Think Tank - the Drink Tank
  • Action based steps that will take the discussion beyond Porto to the rest of the world
Soma Chakrabarti,  Director, Professional and Continuing Studies, University of Delaware, USA 

Nelson Baker, Dean, Professional Education, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Errol la Grange, Chief Executive Officer, CPDlive, Australia
Paul Marca, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Professional Development, Stanford University, USA. 
Anthony Morris, Director, Education and Innovation (moonshots), CPDlive, Australia.  
Clara Piloto, Director of Global Programs, MIT Professional Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA