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The CEE Manager Training Program Team welcomes you to a new feature for members: “A Knowledge Share Moment!” We plan to provide you with some valuable tips and expertise on various topics of interest to all of us in continuing engineering education. If you would like to learn more on the topics, or have suggestions for future tips to be provided, we look forward to hearing from you. This will help us to build a Certificate Program for new and experienced CEE Managers based on specific training needs.
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Pat Hall

Knowledge Share Moment #7 Daniel Kuenzle 15 April 2015
Our seventh Knowledge Share Moment comes from Daniel Kuenzle, Director of Center of Continuing Education, Centre for Continuing Education, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Switzeland. This Knowledge Share Moment #7 recommends a model which can be very helpful in the development, implementation and quality assurance of continuing education courses and programs. The model described in this Knowledge Share Moment involves a set of recommendations with the message: Think in circles!

Knowledge Share Moment #6 Isabel Chavez 24 September 2014
Our sixth Knowledge Share Moment comes from Isabel Chavez, Public Relations Coordinator in Executive Education at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico. This Knowledge Share Moment #6 offers some thoughts on a reward system that provides Executive Education participants with a sense of belonging and a shared commitment in the continuing education activity.

Knowledge Share Moment #5 Alfredo Soeiro 24 April 2014
Our fifth Knlowledge Share Moment comes from Alfredo Soeiro, Past President of IACEE and Professor at the University of Porto in Portugal. This Knowledge Share Moment #5 deals with the topic of "Virtual Mobility Accreditation.

Knowledge Share Moment #4  Nelson Baker  7 November 2013
Our fourth Knowledge Share Moment comes from Nelson Baker, IACEE President and Dean, Professional Education at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Nelson shares some tips on using MOOCs in your professional education programs. Please click on the link Nelson Baker's Knowledge Share Moment #4 to access his tips.

Knowledge Share Moment #3  Kirsti Miettinen  4 September 2013
Our third Knowledge Share Moment comes from Kirsti Miettinen, an IACEE Council Member and Director, Aalto University Professional Development in Finland. Kirsti shares some tips on managing in Matrix organizations. To link to Kirsti's tips, please click on the following link Knowledge Share Moment 3

Knowledge Share Moment #2  Soma Chakrabarti  24 June 2013
The second Knowledge Share Moment comes from Soma Chakrabarti, an IACEE Council Member and the Director of Engineering and Interdisciplinary Professional Education at the University of Kansas. Soma shares some tips on how a new CEE manager can gain efficiency at work by “templatizing” documents. To link to Soma’s tips, please click on the following link Knowledge Share Moment 2

Knowledge Share Moment #1   Sue Bray   3 April 2013
The first of these “Knowledge Share Moments” comes from Sue Bray, an IACEE Council Member, who helps continuing engineering education units to better communicate globally through virtual meetings. To link to Sue's tips, please click on the following link Knowledge Share Moment 1