IACEE 2016

15th IACEE World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education
17-20 May 2016, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal



Take part in shaping the future on a global stage with IACEE, one of the world’s only international organizations devoted to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Engineering Education (CEE). Join us for our signature event and visit Porto, a city that has been chosen as #1 best destination in Europe in 2014.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Get unique perspectives on CPD and CEE from visionaries and industry leaders.

  • Michael Knuth, VP Human Resources Management Organizational Development and Continuous Improvement Process, BOSCH: “The Challenge to Enable an Agile Mindset”
  • David Houle, Futurist, Thinker and Speaker: “The Shift Age and the Future of Global Learning”
  • Thorsten Kliewe, VP University Industry Innovation Network: “Professionalising University-Industry Interaction: Where do we stand and where should we go? " 
CONFERENCE THEMES AND FORMAT: Explore the three conference themes through a variety of interactive sessions. The format includes 20-minute presentations, thematic debates and posters to give you every opportunity to question, discuss and share with speakers and other attendees.   
  • Ensuring CPD University-Industry-Business Alliances
  • Envisioning CPD Future Modes
  • Devising CPD Stakeholders Next Steps


17 May 2016, 15:00-19:00 hour (3:00-7:00 p.m.) Porto time

Arrive a few hours early and attend one of these Pre-Conference Workshops at IACEE’s 15th World Conference in Porto, Portugal and learn from Continuing Engineering Education leaders from around the world! Earn a badge toward CEE Manager Training.

Developing Innovative and Effective Continuing Engineering Education Partnerships in a Global Context  

This workshop takes a closer look at the value and challenges of creating partnerships in the field of Continuing Engineering Education – “What value do partnerships provide? What are the risks that they involve? And what are the key challenges in their development?” In addition to considering a model for partnership development, we shall provide participants with a hands-on opportunity to apply the concepts through working in small teams on a case study of innovative partnership. Effective partnerships are rapidly becoming a key strategic asset of those universities and enterprises that successfully connect to the vibrant global market for Continuing Engineering Education.   This workshop takes a closer look at the value and challenges of creating such partnerships in the field of CEE. LEARN MORE 

IACEE Think Tanks:  A New Model to Join CEE Professionals in Creative Solutions to Global Crises 

As a collective of extraordinary institutions, organizations, and most importantly, people, the IACEE has significant ability and reach to engage the engineering world in action-based collaboration and problem solving. The goal of creating IACEE Think Tanks is to tap into the rich and diverse experience of CEE professionals worldwide and provide a mechanism to utilize their expertise in developing creative solutions to a range of global challenges.   The Think Tank is a proposed new vehicle to bring about this collaboration.   In this workshop we will present and develop the Think Tank concept and structure that IACEE members can use.  This is meant to be a model which can be utilized for a number of future Think Tanks.  In addition to introducing the model, we will jointly apply it to The Inaugural Think Tank Charter - The Drink Tank - with a mission to bring about Clean Water for All. LEARN MORE 


Dr. Alfredo Soeiro
Conference Committee